Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Way to Live Life

I found this video on U-Tube. It is titled, "5 Ways You Can be a Better Leader". This is true, but if you don't particularly want to be a better leader, then these 5 points will also help you be a better wife, husband, friend, mother, aunt.... the list is endless. These 5 points can help you be a better person. Enjoy. It's by Dr David Weiman from Weiman Consulting.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Joy of Learning

From the time I was little I have loved learning. I have spent many hours listening to my dad talking about what he had learned that day in his reading or studying. He always had this intensity and sense of bursting excitement when he was talking like this. As someone who was made to end his schooling at age 12, learning for him was an undeniable passion. When I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Music Education he didn't attend. He was over in South Africa attending his own graduation. He has a Bachelor of Theology. Pretty cool, don't you think.

What I am enjoying in my 'learning about business' I have begun in the last few years, is that many people seem to be talking about integrity, morality, team work and generosity. Perhaps it is not new but my impression of those in business has always been one of greed and selfishness, the large feeding off the small.

It was a joy when I picked up the book Wombat Selling at the bookstore one day. This was more my style. I loved that it recognised the intelligence of the buyer and the fact that the buyer is the one in control of the sale, not the one trying to make the sale. The networking groups I was involved in at RYZE also promote the respect of others. I have learnt a lot from there. In my previous post I shared an email that was sent by Scott Zimmerman who I learnt about through Perry Marshall. Perry Marshall and his assossiates are people who love to teach and realise that business is best when you are helping those around you benefit. Helping others succeed brings you success. This is one of the principals talked about in 'The Secret' that made such a buzz recently.

Well, now I am a part of Many of the same principals are applied and taught by the leaders of this company. One of the things we are encouraged to do is to read the blogs written by the CEO Mr Chad Shapiro. The entry I read today prompted me to write this. You can read the full post here. I will share a few snippets that made me go 'yeah!!'....
Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to stay there. To achieve our potential as a leader we need mental and moral strength. The leader must set the example...

and this one....
It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.

The post end with this little gem...
Genius is nothing but an aptitude for patience. Success is ALWAYS attainable when defined correctly, that is the effort to do the best you are capable.

If you're struggling with motivation for your business at present and feel in need of a boost, I encourage you to read the entire post and let your inner Genius breathe.