Saturday, April 09, 2011

My Beautiful Sister

I drove my sister to Newcastle yesterday. She'll be staying there for a few weeks. We stopped off at one of the suburban shopping centres for lunch. As we made our way to the ladies, a cleaner saw my sister, recognised her and said hello.

I asked my sister how she knew the cleaner. She replied that it was probably because her clothing is distinctive and then told me this story.

She said that a while ago, while waiting in line for the toilets the cleaners had been working. (The above lady being one of them.) She said the cleaner walked into one of the cubicles and ..... 'argggh'. She called the other cleaner and ..... 'eeewwww'. 'How can people do that and leave that? Some people are so disgusting', they said.

Well, my sister, having overheard this conversation felt sorry for the cleaner. She said she bought a $1 card and wrote in it, 'Thank you for all the hard work you do in this centre. You do a wonderful job.' Then she left it on the cleaners cart. She doesn't know whether the cleaner saw her leave it there.

Such a small action that would have made such a big difference to the cleaner's day. Also, very much something that my sister would think of doing.

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful person as my sister. Just had to share.