Monday, August 13, 2012

Updating Jewellery

As I've stated before I love to revamp people's old pieces. A friend asked me to put on some new clasps to a heap of her necklaces a couple of months ago. In with the package was a simple gold tone piece. My friend says, 'Oh that's just a Vinnie find'. So I asked if I could play and make it into something more wearable. With permission granted I made this:

into this:

Personally I love the result. I've wanted to try the geometric peyote shapes for a while so used this as my opportunity. Following the simple instructions from Diane Fitzgerald's "Shaped Beadwork" I made them using 2 colours of delica beads. I took off the discoloured bits of chain, removed the hand made hook clasp and chucked the plain joiners between the filigree sections.

I'll do some more of these geometric shapes. I loved doing them and they work up really quick.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Oatley 101 Society of Artists Inc

On the weekend I spent my time with beading friends and making some new friends at the Oatley Society of Artists. They put on several art shows a year. August is their main show where the members not only display and sell their works but are judged and awarded. I went with a friend last year to check it out and was impressed with the quality of their work. The society asked a couple of my beading friends - Neva from Nifty Creations, Caroline and me (yaay!) to display and sell our artisan jewellery. It was a great weekend. So many friendly people. I also sold some things including my 'Dragonfly Garden' (enjoy wearing it Linda) and also another couple of my favourite pieces including;

The Matrix

Vitrail Silver

Ambrosia Flash

We have been asked back for the November show and am excited that I can make some new pieces.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

In Loving Memory

I don't talk much about personal things on this blog because it wasn't set up to be a personal diary. This entry will be personal.

My beautiful sister passed away on March 30th. I've talked about her once before, here. I loved her very much. She was loved by pretty much everyone who met her. She spent her life giving. She battled anorexia in its various stages for 30 years. Anorexia isn't just not eating. It stems from an inability to understand your worth. It includes an absence of self identity. It often begins as obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. My sister never wanted to be skinny. She didn't regulate her food to be thin. She just didn't think she had enough right to take up space.

Roslyn was a special soul with a gracious, gentle, loving spirit. You will be missed.