Monday, August 13, 2012

Updating Jewellery

As I've stated before I love to revamp people's old pieces. A friend asked me to put on some new clasps to a heap of her necklaces a couple of months ago. In with the package was a simple gold tone piece. My friend says, 'Oh that's just a Vinnie find'. So I asked if I could play and make it into something more wearable. With permission granted I made this:

into this:

Personally I love the result. I've wanted to try the geometric peyote shapes for a while so used this as my opportunity. Following the simple instructions from Diane Fitzgerald's "Shaped Beadwork" I made them using 2 colours of delica beads. I took off the discoloured bits of chain, removed the hand made hook clasp and chucked the plain joiners between the filigree sections.

I'll do some more of these geometric shapes. I loved doing them and they work up really quick.

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liles said...

A beautiful result. Well done.