Saturday, July 22, 2006


I have again entered into the 'Designer Quest' competition. Judging is on Monday. The first time I entered I didn't get a place and nobody voted for my piece in the posters choice. Second time I entered I didn't get a place and 3 people voted for me in the posters choice. I'm hoping for more than 3 people this time. Here is my entry. Personally I am very happy with it.

As for my website - it is up but I'm not ready to show it yet. It needs a lot of changes made to it. I am very pleased with it though. Just need to make it look better.

Also met with Penel regarding putting the pendant design in the magazine. She loved the pendant and we put down the steps. I'll have to make up the steps for the pictures next. She also said she'd like to do more colloborative work, so that was very good to here.

The pendants I'm making with the discs from Stilletto Designs are almost done too. Hopefully something will sell soon.

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