Saturday, August 19, 2006


Well, finally ClayGraphia has her new banner up. I like it, it's bold and clear. Hopefully Rob will send it down to me soon and I can put it up in the etsy shop for her. I emailed Rob with some requests a while ago, just things to do on the site but nothing has been done. I wonder how I handle this. The problem is, that I was expecting to visit him much sooner than this for my lesson in how to do the updates on the site myself but Marjo is so busy that I can't get up there to visit. Tis a dilemma. I wonder if I can learn on instant messenger? I'd love to get the site looking better. Everything moves so much slower than you want or expect. Oh well.

The good news is, that I've had a few hits to the site via the ads I've put up over the place. That is a good sign.

Took my jewellery into school last week and set it all out. Sold 10 things. Not bad going. Also had several orders placed. This is encouraging. It's just I need these sales more often. Here's some things I sold...

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