Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Being Australian

Now, I love being Australian but.....

Everytime you need to do something with other people in other countries they are in a completely different time zone. Not as in 5 hours different, but they work at what is my 1 and 2am. Really quite frustrating. I think I'm going to be short of sleep some weeks. I wonder if daylight saving will make things better or worse?

On the up side, I have found some very good American based networking groups that I will, hopefully, be able to gain much from. The ad of the previous post is for a fair that I am a part of. It's on for the coming two weeks. Small Business owners are showing their goods and you get to talk to the owners about who they are and what they sell and why they think their products are worthwhile. There are also discounts and special offers being given. Hopefully it will be another avenue for me.

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