Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mothers' Day Open House

First weekend of May was the second annual Mothers' Day Open House presented by Soulscape Artistry. Things were a little different this time as Sarah was off shooting a movie. I was on my own. I set everything up the night before and waited for the people to roll on in just like every other time.

Two people came.

Oh my. This is bad. I was prepared for a little quiet, but nobody!!!

Depressed, I went to bed and hoped that the Saturday would be better. It was a little better.

Eleven people came.

There is nothing quite like a time where you put lots of effort into an event and you're left sitting by yourself at home hoping to hear people at the door. The car doors from next door make you strain in hopes the people are actually coming to see you, voices make you look up to the window in hopes of seeing a face. Not pretty.

Things picked up a little in the afternoon. Some people stayed for a while. Others came and went fairly quickly. I was thinking that it was good that at least some things had been bought. Nelda had sold 3 beautiful handbags by the end of the day. Marjo had sold a rock and a plaque. Sarah had sold some things, as had I.

And so the day came to an end. Now for the truth. What had we achieved? Imagine my surprise when sales were added up and we had sold just over $800 worth of goods. OH MY GOODNESS!!

So lesson learnt. Never lose faith.

The work we do is of a wonderful standard and people really do love it. There is also the possibility of a couple of the ladies who came holding a showing for their friends. I do so hope it happens. I have always planned for the business to expand naturally as people come to know what we do. I hope I am not disappointed.

Onward and upward.

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