Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Childhoods and Inspiration for Creation

I ducked over to Rae Anne's blog today. She has a blog that is so fun to read. She is raising two kids who she's obviously adores buckets and the grins on the kids speak volumes. I loved the caption on this picture. It reminded me of the care free days out I used to have with family and friends. None of all that health and safety stuff that becomes so exhausting now-a-days. Just days in the sun with family doing fun things. She writes....

"Grandma is holding the chair so that Q doesn't fall off the slope. We are all about the safety. Not pictured? Open flames. And sharp sticks holding lots of ill-refrigerated processed meat. Parents of the year."

Full of pictures, this one caught my attention.

When I finally make it into my new house (could be as little as a month now) I want to get out mum's old slides of the orchard (before it became a nursery) and also of some of her travels to see if I can make them into beaded scenes. If I had a picture like this I'd be looking at bead colours immediately.

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