Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing with Photos

When I was in New Zealand recently for a holiday I took so many photos. I have such a great camera (Canon Power Shot). Most of the time I just guessed what I was shooting as there was so much glare I couldn't see what was in the window. With the setting set onto landscape I took photos of my holiday.

Most of the week was spent at Rotorua. One of the days my friend B and I drove around the lakes and stopped at the Buried Village. Hadn't really wanted to go there but gosh, was it interesting. Loved it all and there was a walk down steps to a waterfall that was so pretty. I 'Gimp'ed my photos of it today to see if I could join them together.

People always sigh when they get their holiday snaps back because the shots never do the scenery justice. I always take several photos and then arrange them together David Hockney style in my photo albums.

Here are my photos:

And here are the photos put together. Not too bad. Tell me what you think.

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