Sunday, June 18, 2006

On with the show

Well, things are beginning to move again. Slowly, but however slow the pace is, it's always better to go forward then not move at all.

I received my banner today. Well, to be perfectly honest, I've had other versions sent before but haven't liked them so they don't count. Not entirely happy with this either but it's good enough to use for now. Here 'tis. Tell me what needs to happen to make it work better.

Will it work if I just have the writing moved more middle-ish or is something else needed? The rest of the stuff looks stylish, this just looks boring. Should I have the G made smaller so the rest of the writing can be made bigger? Does the handcrafted jewellery need to be bigger also? So many questions.

As for the website saga, not all is lost. I rang my pottery cousin who needs a site and had a talk and she is expressing interest. Cautious interest, but she's a cautious person so all is fine. I will go visit her in a couple of weeks and meet with a friend of hers who can give us much help and information about things.

On the creative front, I have been asked to design a kit with some beads from a bead maker to be sold in her shop. I'm very happy with that. My name will be put as the designer and there is potential for getting my name out a little wider. Wider is always good, I think.

So, the show carries on. Let's hope I have some good updates soon.


pinky said...

Glad to see you're making progress! I like the banner design. I think the "G" looks good the way it touches the top and bottom of the banner. I do think the "handmade jewelry" needs to be bigger and perhaps centered under the word "creations". These are purely observations!! I'm not trying to be fussy!!

I like the off-centeredness (is that a word?) of your name. Very cool, all in all, very very cool.

Anonymous said...

I'd make the "handcrafted jewellery" a bit bigger, but other than that it looks great.