Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thinking Time

Well, things are pretty much the same at present. I'll be meeting with a guy to talk about websites this coming week so hopefully something will get moving there. I'm spending most of my time getting things made.

I have also given a bit more thought to how I would run parties. What things I would need to have as projects. I'd have to have beginner, medium and more advanced things and wouldn't want to use the beads that I make my own things from or I will dupe myself. One of my student's mother sells glass beads so maybe I can use her things for classes and parties. Will have to see what they're like. It's difficult to think of project that are simple but not complete ripoffs of other people's designs. A strung necklace is a necklace is a necklace to a certain extent and earrings, if you want to be simple just that, simple. They say you need to change a design by 10% to avoid copyright etc. I should be able to work it out when I sit down and think it through. Just got to sit down and think it through.

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