Saturday, September 23, 2006

My First Jewellery Class

Well, yesterday was my first 'official' class. Some of the teachers at school put their names down to attend and I had six ladies. While teaching is what I do all the time and I'd had some girls come to learn at home from me, I hadn't done this officially yet. I organised packs for them to choose from. They had a choice of 3 colours. They also had a choice of two bracelets to make with these beads; easy, medium and difficult. They were all really pleased with what they had made. Most chose the medium bracelet.

I have my name down to teach a class during the holidays. On Friday I find out if there is enough interest for it to go ahead. I hope so, as that would be with people who have never met me before and would spread my possible clientel.

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Just dropped in reading your commemnt for mushrom posting by sampath .

Nice creative work.

Can we look forward for promoting these in Indian Market.

Well I am new to this , being a IT technocrat.

But have a deep interest in these items.

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