Thursday, July 17, 2008

Setting Goals

I was reading through the posts on a new business help forum today called T.R.A.I.N. If you are interested you can read the entire post over at the forum by following the link. What I liked about the post were the goals that Henry has worked out for himself. I know goals are important. I also know I should be looking at them every day. I do struggle with this. I liked the simple way these are set out. Hopefully you find them helpful also.

I also listed 11 Goals to Reach on my first page to read and see every time I opened my Journal. Those goals are,

1. Visualize your future and goals for business daily.

2. Write down goals to reach and how to do it successfully.

3. Write down ALL weaknesses to the business and how to overcome it.

4. Accept and believe compliments and give up excuses and "I can'ts."

5. Change all "I can'ts" to "How can I do it?"

6. Start acting "as if" the business existed today!

7. Ask and answer all "what if" questions you may face and put in journal, (including personal fears & how to answer them).

8. Accept fear as just a feeling, and do it anyway.

9. Write out all ways you can be a service to others.

10. Write down thoughts about your business in journal often.

11. Look for ways to volunteer help to others regularly.

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