Monday, September 08, 2008

Making Jewellery. My Process Part 2

As the beads sat in their bags I mulled over the dilemma. What to do? At the time I was finding out more about wire work and was experimenting with basket weave. I thought I'd give it a go. In the end it worked. It took a lot of fiddling though. At first it sat wrong, the stone kept moving even when taped down. I didn't wrap evenly on the top and bottom. I added the beads at the bottom in a way that didn't work. I found that the frame wires sat a little better once I'd hit them with a hammer. It gradually took shape. It took, I think, 5 goes to get it right. It still wasn't quite centred but with some loops to finish of the wire it looked as though it had all been planned.
Once the pendant was done I had to work out what to do with the other beads. I hung it on tiger tail but it looked funny. The wire is so thin and the pendant so big. I ended up taking 4 wires and plaiting them together. My friend wanted it long so I took it into work and measured it on her.

Then I started on the earrings. At least now I had a design to match. Hopefully these would go easily. It took 4 tries to get the proper design of the frame wires. It is all one wire and it had to allow the bead to be seen while still holding it firmly in place. Finally, success. Cheers all round. Now just one more earring. Well, making it turn out the same size as the first was a challenge in itself. Three tries later and it was close enough.

Thank goodness I was using craft wire not gold!!

I'm so pleased with the way it turned out. It was so different to what my friend was expecting it took a bit of convincing but the lovely ladies at work oohed and aahed so much over it she was eventually convinced.

Here is the finished set. Oh yeah, I had some beads left over so I used them in the bangle. I love how it turned out.

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