Friday, October 17, 2008

making Jewellery. My Process Part 3

I still am really happy each time I look at how the turquoise set finally turned out. Here is what I did with the red beads.
This piece took hardly any time at all compared to the turquoise one. Because the original beads were from another necklace/bracelet set, some of the beads had single holes, some double. I wanted to use this in the design. I was able to do this by making the focus of the necklace two pieces of wire and creating a frame.

The frame was given strength by the beads that slipped over both wires and had interest because of the different shapes and placements of the beads. I used the basket wire weave to fill in the gaps.

The earrings have their shape because of the same reason. The bottom two beads have a single hole while the top red bead is a double hole. I love how they hang. I love the cross effect created. I love the colour combination. This pinky red looks so much better without the turquoise.

Again I plaited the strand so that the necklace can be worn long. My friend loves it. I showed her this one in much the same way as before. This time, immediately she saw it she lunged for to grab with and cried out as she moved, 'Oh I love it'.

I tell you, it feels great to have a reaction like that.

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